About Us

Absolute Care main business to source and supply museum specialized products, preservation and conservation material, lab wares and chemical from around the worlds.We working with a wide range of customer from the museum, libraries, art galleries, universities, school, and government bodies. The Company is built on providing quality products at the best prices with large stock levels to enable prompt delivery, good service and earn its reputation as the market leader.

We offers the comprehensive range of high quality conservation and preservation product and tools including ceramic restoration, furniture waxes and cleaning, leather preservative, boards and specialist papers to Museums, Galleries, Libraries and Archives as well as a wide selection of other high-quality casting and molding, taxidermist supplies, numismatic products, Archival self-adhesive tapes and specialty jewelry care.

Absolute Care has been constantly improving its product range and varieties, and at the same time, we has also been continually looking for new superior and quality conservation, preservation and restoration products and if there is anything that you are looking for that is not on our website, please do not hesitate to call us. Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you get a chance to visit our store!